Missourians for Constitutional Freedom Turns in Over 380,00 Signatures to Put the Right to Reproductive Freedom on the Ballot

May 3, 2024

The historic effort is the culmination of a months-long grassroots campaign to collect signatures across the state

Missouri — Today, Missourians for Constitutional Freedom turned in 380,159 signatures to the Missouri Secretary of State to place the right to reproductive freedom on the ballot. In less than 90 days, Missourians gathered over 380,000 signatures from every single county across the state so Missourians can vote to end the state’s total abortion ban and put families — not politicians — back in charge of personal medical decisions.

The moment follows months of grassroots signature-gathering by more than 1,800 volunteers across the state, and over two dozen grassroots organizations in Missouri. Volunteers collected signatures from all 114 counties in Missouri and all eight congressional districts. In just the last three weekends alone, our volunteers knocked 40,000 doors and collected 18,000 signatures statewide. On average, volunteers turned in over 11,000 signatures every week.

“Today is a monumental day for Missouri and for my patients,” said Dr. Iman Alsaden, Chief Medical Officer, Planned Parenthood Great Plains and Advisor to Missourians for Constitutional Freedom. “The success of this campaign sends a clear message: Missourians trust patients to make the health care decisions that are best for their health and wellbeing. Anti-abortion politicians take note: my patients’ lives are not yours to control.”

“Nearly 14 months ago, in March of 2023, we filed this amendment to end our state’s abortion ban,” said Tori Schafer, ACLU Missouri Attorney and Spokesperson for Missourians for Constitutional Freedom. “Today, we turned in boxes filled with hopes and dreams of bodily autonomy. Our message is simple and clear: we want to make decisions about our bodies free from political interference.”

“Despite every effort to deny Missourians their fundamental rights, this campaign has been our opportunity to put power back into the hands of the people — and in less than three months, Missourians have shown their power,” said Mallory Schwarz, Executive Director of Abortion Action Missouri, and Spokesperson for Missourians for Constitutional Freedom. “Hundreds of thousands of Missourians are now having conversations about abortion and reproductive freedom; some are sharing their own abortion stories for the very first time; and all are ready to do whatever it takes to win at the ballot box this year. Together, we are going to end Missouri’s abortion ban.”

To join our campaign, sign up at moconstitutionalfreedom.org.


About Missourians for Constitutional Freedom

Missourians for Constitutional Freedom is a statewide coalition of organizations and concerned citizens working to establish the right for all Missourians to make decisions about our own reproductive health care – including abortion, birth control, and miscarriage care – without interference from politicians.